Wunderlich components for the Wüstentümmler R 1250 GS

Of course, we thought about which equipment makes sense for the R 1250 GS and we have put together a selection for you.

Wunderlich R 1250 GS für den Wüstentümmler #wstntmmlr

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Here is an excerpt of the most important components:

Wunderlich Windshield »FLOWJET« – black

You like to feel the wind on your face, but without irritating turbulence, and value a visually-appealing closing up of the gap between headlights and instrumentsflThen our Flowjet windscreen is the right choice for you!

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Wunderlich »MARATHON« windshield with windshield reinforcement

The Marathon windshield also provides incomparable touring comfort on longer tours. It’s drawn close to the rider and the original adjustment mechanism can continue to be used. However, since this mechanism means the original windshield clatters annoyingly on gravel tracks or bad country roads, we offer this Marathon windshield with additional windshield reinforcements on both sides.
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Wunderlich Crossbar

The high quality silver handlebar made of aluminum has a diameter of 12 millimeters, the surface is glass bead blasted. In addition to the emphasis on offroadtypischen appearance, it also serves as a perfect base for attaching accessories. The attachment of the center strut on the handlebar is done with elastic Reduzierhülsen, so that a decoupling of strut and handlebars is ensured.
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Wunderlich crash bar slide pads

In the worst case scenario, crash bar protect the motorcycle from the need for expensive repairs. Falls or even mishaps also often leave behind heavy marks on the crash bars themselves, however. This is really aggravating, and not just with painted bars.

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Tankschutzbügel für die Wüstentümmler R 1250 GS #wstntmmlr
Wunderlich tank crash bar »ADVENTURE STYLE«

This tank protection bar is not only reliably protecting the tank, it is also protecting the fairing and the high vulnerable radiator. Furthermore the R 1200 GS LC becomes a distinctive and individual look. The tank protection bar can be mounted both with our stainless steel crash bar and with the original BMW crash bar, or with any other cylinder guard.

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TFT-Display Blendschutz für unseren Wüstentümmler - R 1250 GS #wstntmmlr
Wunderlich glare shield for Connectivity Display

With this high-quality glare shield for the BMW Connectivity combi instrument, the display stays easily readable even when the sun is low.

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Scheinwerferschutzgitter für die R 1250 GS - wstntmmlr
Wunderlich Scheinwerfergitter klappbar

A stone that flies up and/or short off-road stretches often mean that the original headlights are finished. Rigidly mounted headlight grills or the original protecting screen can only be used legally off-road tracks, and the headlight glass behind is difficult to clean. Our headlight protector protects the headlight in all circumstances and can simply be folded forwards when riding on the road or for cleaning purposes.

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Tankrucksack »SPORT« für unsere Wüstentümmler R 1250 GS - #wstntmmlr
Wunderlich tank bag »ELEPHANT SPORT«

The tailored tank bag for the GS is the ideal solution for daily travel but also for tours over a day or multiple days. The practical LOXX quick releases mean the tank bag can be mounted quickly and simply and released again.

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Wunderlich Sitzbank für die Wüstentümmler R 1250 GS - #wstntmmlr
Wunderlich »AKTIVKOMFORT« seat for rider & co-rider

The new generation of ERGO Seats: Well-thoughtthrough at every step of the design, with many innovative solutions. The original seat suffers from an unfavourable form which places undue strain on the tailbone, and the angle of the seat leads many riders to adopt a bad pelvic position.

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Motorschutzbügel für die R 1250 GS Wüstentümmler #wstntmmlr
Wunderlich Engine protection bar VA

The result of more than three decades of experience in constructing protection bars, we have developed this stylish and resistant engine protection bar that guarantees to deliver what it promises – safe, light, low-maintenance.

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Gepäckträgertasche für den Wüstentümmler - R 1250 GS #wstntmmlr
Wunderlich Seat and Rack Bag “Elephant” – black

Multi-functional bag that can be quickly and easily attached to the luggage rack or to the passenger seat. Featuring an easily manageable quick attachment system that comes with countless advantages.

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Seitenständer-Auflagenvergrößerung für die Wüstentümmler-GS - R 1250 GS - #wstntmmlr
Wunderlich Side stand enlarger

Additional insurance for the GS: fully loaded or on loose ground, a GS supported on the side stand can easily get bogged down. A precisely machined extension plate that can quickly be bolted to the side stand eliminates this risk

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