Wunderlich Ausfahrt

We turn the Anfahrt into a Wunderlich Ausfahrt

Wunderlich Anfahrt? No, Ausfahrt!

Ausfahrt? Yes! You have read correctly! Wunderlich Ausfahrt! Since our traditional and popular Anfahrt, which we celebrate with you every year at the end of April as part of the season opening, unfortunately cannot take place this year, we will simply turn the Anfahrt into an Ausfahrt!

The MotoRally, which is organised in a digitally, temporally and spatially equalised way. It will take place in the most beautiful regions of the Eifel – perfect in times of restricted freedom of travel and at a time when Germany is enjoying a new and high status as a travel destination anyway. The rally is based on the worth seeing landmarks of our last year’s photo shoot, which we did here in our home country.

The Wunderlich Ausfahrt 2021 is expressly not a racing event, but a touristic orientation drive.

A rally in the middle of the pandemic, is that possible?
Yes, with our innovative, interactive concept!

The aim of the Wunderlich Ausfahrt – Eifel Rally is to offer all participants an exclusive, varied, entertaining and challenging motorbike experience in a safe environment, despite the restrictions currently imposed on us due to the pandemic.

This rally will take place in glorious sunshine. Guaranteed!
It is in your hands!

The Ausfahrt takes place from mid-May to the end of September and each participant can decide individually when they want to complete the rally stages. Just pick the sunny days! In this way, we ensure that the rally action is equalised in time and space according to the rules. But the exchange of the rally community will not be neglected. We promise. 

The rally for everyone, which makes everyone happy!

Riders of all BMW model series are cordially invited, as well as those who would like to participate with other brands. We have deliberately designed the rally as Orientation drive for everyone, so that everyone can take part if they feel like it. To make sure this is the case, there are no time or average speed requirements. It takes place on public roads without off-road sections. Do you like it curvy? Or sporty? You alone determine the connecting stages!

The dream roads of the Eifel

But participation is not only worthwhile because of the prizes. Of course, the Eifel attracts with its gigantic, diverse nature and the grandiose, varied landscape: bordered in the east by the mighty Rhine, in the south by the meandering Moselle, in the middle of it all the rugged Ahr valley, extinct volcanoes and maars, that is the Eifel.

Prices, prices, prices

To be able to fit so much fascinating scenery into the Wunderlich Ausfahrt – Eifel Rallye, two tours of 185 km each and a total of 22 checkpoints are needed. Every participant who has completed all 22 checkpoints will take part in a voting and can win great prizes in the respective categories. The overall winner will then be chosen from all the class winners!

The clou – Cash back at half-time!

The clou: every rally participant who has completed eleven of the twenty-two checkpoints will receive a voucher for 50% of the price of the respective starter package! Only the basicpackage and sponsored packages are excluded from this.

Choose your starter package

We offer four starter packages. These consist of usefully selected, high-quality components from our range, which will not only be helpful at the Wunderlich Ausfahrt, but on every tour. Every rider can use them, because we have deliberately not selected them specifically for a particular brand or model. This means that all participants can choose the right package for their participation.

» Start number and rally pass with start number

The basicpackage includes everything you need to take part in the Wunderlich Ausfahrt: the start number for the motorbike and the rally pass. The start number and the rally pass are equipped with NFC chips, which give you access to your data and the current rally standings.

Price: 9,90 €*

» Start number and rally pass with start number
» MULTICLAMP universal clamp and matching smartphone holder

For real explorers: the explorerpackage includes the basicpackage plus our MULTICLAMP system consisting of universal clamp, perfect for riding the Ausfahrt with the navigation app of our partner calimoto.

Price: 99,70 €*

» Start number and rally pass with start number
» MULTICLAMP universal clamp and matching smartphone holder
» Wunderlich sports backpack MOVE with drinking system

The rallypackage consists of the explorerpackage, supplemented by our popular sports backpack MOVE – including drinking system.

Price: 149,60 €*

» Start number and rally pass with start number
» MULTICLAMP universal clamp and matching smartphone holder
» Wunderlich sports backpack MOVE with drinking system
» Wunderlich seat and pannier bag ELEPHANT DRYBAG

The perfect equipment for Ausfahrt and Tour: Our exclusivepackage. It consists of the rallypackage and additionally contains our waterproof, functional DRYBAG seat and pannier bag.

Price: 339,50 €*

*prices may vary from country to country

The competition classes

We have created the following seven scoring classes:

  • BMW R-Class
  • BMW F-Class
  • BMW S-Class
  • BMW K-Class
  • BMW G-Class
  • BMW C-Class
  • Open Class (for other motorbike brands)

This means that our Ausfahrt is not limited exclusively to BMW motorbikes, we look forward to welcoming riders of all brands in the Open Class!

Be part of the first Wunderlich Ausfahrt!

Curious? Then stay tuned – more info will follow, visit regularly our virtual rally base at www.wunderlich-ausfahrt.com

Good to know:

  • Motorbike rally for everyone
  • Innovative and interactive
  • Individual planning and scheduling of the rally
  • Numerous classification classes and the chance to win many prizes
  • There will be an exchange of ideas and among participants and interested parties in the specially created Wunderlich Ausfahrt Facebook group.
  • Period: From 15 May to 30 September 2021
  • Read more in our FAQ’s