Wunderlich Fernweh

Road trips – live, interactive and personal!

On our website, we present in loose order special projects where travelling with and on Wunderlich motorbikes is the focus. But it is not only about our motorbikes. Of course it is also about exciting destinations in Europe and the whole world.

We deliberately avoid the classic travel reports that “recount” journeys and list the typical sights.

We have decided on a different variant. We want to present our trips in our own way: Live, entertaining, interactive and above all personal! Thoughts and encounters along the way or interesting things along the way, all this is part of the road trip! And we would like to let you participate with videos, pictures, notes and information!

Follow our journey – follow our blog

A blog offers the perfect conditions for this – and not only in times of travel restrictions. And we are happy to see you live and we are even more happy to give you impulses for special destinations and, of course, the right equipment for your BMW.

It is time to move on to new goals

That much we can reveal now: After the Namibia trip of our desert dolphin Sven has been so well received, we start into the next adventure: Our photo shooting for the 2021 season, to which we will take our newest Wunderlich motorbikes. This time it will be Leon who invites you to follow his blog! Bon Voyage, we wish you!

The last Shooting-Day

Hi guys our last day is coming to an end. I am finished, tired and happy. What a amazing shooting! To...

Rhine and caves

Hi guys, this morning we started at a short eight o’clock, just like on Wednesday. First of all we took pictures...

Culinary Brohl Valley

new day new luck. True to the motto we started this morning from Ringen. Unfortunately the weather luck of the last...