The WÜSTENTÜMMLER live at the Wunderlich GS Day on June 22, 2019

My WÜSTENTÜMMLER journey is now over. My story, the story of the WÜSTENTÜMMER goes even further! Now that I’m back, we’ll be able to sift, sort, trim and edit the photos and videos for you. Let’s see what will become of it.
We will definitely enter it on That’s why it’s worth looking at the WÜSTENTÜMMLER page in the near future. And we plan to introduce you to our WÜSTENTÜMMLER tour at the Wunderlich GS Day on June 22nd on our outdoor area near Wunderlich in Sinzig.
And I invite you to come. Experience the story first-hand and take the opportunity to ask me and Sabine Kastner all your questions.

We look forward to seeing you!


03. May – 16. May 2019

I – the Wüstentümmler – will start my Namibia tour on a specially equipped by Wunderlich BMW R 1250 GS. On my journey, I take you with me and tell you daily in my travel blog of my thoughts, feelings, encounters and the tour itself. You can look forward to many videos, pictures and notes, which I collect for you and then publish. Maybe my blog will inspire you for your own trip to Africa.


The History

Wüstentümmler? What’s this? Who is this? This is someone who romps in the desert! In this case, in the magnificent coastal desert Namib. And that also makes it clear where the journey is going: into fascinating Namibia!

Why Namibia? A petite woman has a very large share in this. At some point in December, a white Land Rover drove to the yard of Wunderlich GmbH. A Land Rover that could be seen to have traveled the world beyond doubt, none to the boulevards. The door opens and out, no, not a typical mid-aged Globetrotter á la Crocodile Dundee with a tropical helmet, but a petite, tasteful woman in a dark costume, high shoes, handbag, but above all with a winning smile on the face and a lot of positive charisma.

It was Sabine Kastner, founder and CEO of AfrikaScout. She is a specialist for traveling in Africa. From this encounter, which started with a friendly conversation, the idea arose to plan together a two-week, beautiful trip through Namibia. And in this conversation, in which the words and ideas flew back and forth, the working title on the subject of the journey was also written: The Desert Whisperer.

This is the story of our next adventure. The working title remained.



I will take you all on a virtual journey that Sabine Kastner and her team from AfrikaSCOUT through Namibia have perfectly organized. You will have the opportunity to share and experience my adventures, my encounters with people, the magnificent scenery, and the unique light and exotic wildlife of Namibia. Follow me and my trip on my travel blog –, on Facebook – @wunderlichaction or on Instagram – wunderlich_gmbh. I will report you daily.