No alarm clock … Did Sasha forget me? Today I was awakened by my guilty conscience! There was breakfast at 7am and I woke up at 7.18am !
However, … from my practice during my time with the German Army, I still know how to get ready for report within ten minutes. 😉

In the middle of nowhere (at the Auob Lodge Kalahari) we were able to strengthen ourselves surprisingly well for today. And strengthening is literally what we would need, because today stood a total of 491 kilometers on the plan to get to the Fishriver Canyon. The endless kilometers should be reeled off on Gravel Roads! After the first 150 kilometers we came to the dunes of the Kalahari, which made a pleasant change. About 50 kilometers it was really only up and down, our guide Gavin warned us suitably –  It’s like a rollercoaster !! He was right! It was breathtaking!

After leaving the dunes, it was time to regain our strength, so we stopped at Keetmanshoop to refuel and have something to eat. Then it should continue non-stop to Fishriver Canyon. Unfortunately, Reiner had a nail in his tire, which is why Gavin, Zimpi and Reiner first had to repair the tire at the gas station. Sabi, Cordi, Kathi, Sascha and I were already on the way to the south to take good pictures as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we were stopped by an error message of the on-board computer of my motorcycle, which was fortunately probably triggered only by all the  dust. After a river crossing, the error message was fortunately eliminated and I was able to continue calmly and with no worries.

Luckily, the last 150 kilometers went by as if in flight (well, it may be because we flew over the Gravelroads at more than 100 km / h). 😀

When we arrived at the Canyon, the views opened a more than impressive landscape! The second largest canyon in the world shone in the perfect light of dusk. Driven by our photographer Sascha, he understands that there no fun and does not tolerate any breaks when it comes to photos ;-), he drove Reiner, Zimpi and me up and down and all over to get he best views…. and it was worth it! Sascha is just a full professional and an artist.  See for yourself !!

When the sun finally did not feel like it anymore and disappeared behind the canyon mountains, Sascha, Gavin and I drove to the lodge, which is about 15 kilometers away from the canyon. Once there, the plan was to have a beer or two after work, take a shower and then eat. As I said, that was the plan. Unfortunately, Sascha and I did not get to it, because the nice waitress Emily brought us a new beer again and again (poor guys)! Well, we are still sitting outside the restaurant. Unfortunately, Sascha and I are the only ones who have not yet come to our room. Whatever the reason, the group is slowly clearing and our plan for tomorrow is set … At 08.30 AM it starts! Stay tuned!!

Until tomorrow! Sven