After a short night (Sascha and I had some fun doing night Photo shots of the sky – until 00.30 o’clock) we met this morning at 8:00 AM in front of the bungalows to put our bags on our Toyota Hilux. Afterwards we checked out and drove back to the Sossusvlei Lodge for breakfast. I can tell you, I have never had breakfast in front of such a scenery! From the view and the atmosphere it was even nicer than the breakfast in Sossusvlei itself. Because I couldn’t post a blog entry last night due to a bad internet connection, I wanted to do it right after breakfast. But as the connection of the lodge was also very bad, it took much longer than expected… Actually we wanted to leave at 9am for Swakopmund. When I was not finished until 10 am Reiner, Zimpi and Sascha started, because the three wanted to shoot some nice pictures (and they did – they had a lot of fun playing around with the GS in the dirt). The rest of us (The ladies of Afrikascout: Sabi, Cordi and Kathi, as well as our guide Gavin and me) started around 11.20 am, after Gavin helped me with the translation of my blog entry. Before us lay a 90 km long distance to Solitaire to refuel there again and to try the world-famous apple strudel there. It was really delicious! A stop there is definitely worth it 😉

In Solitaire, our group where separated again. Gavin and I started towards Walvis Bay, the women stayed in Solitaire. The rest of the way from Gavin and me was about 280 km long. This route led through two beautiful canyons (Gaub-Pass and Kuiseb Canyon). Riding a motorbike through these sections is really beautiful, luckily I have GoPros on my motorbike and can capture these moments for you. You sometimes really feel like you’re on the moon, I’ve never seen such a scenery before and many of you certainly haven’t. After the two canyons Gavin and I went on to Walvis Bay. Why am I so far ahead? Unfortunately not much has happened until then. We simply reeled off our kilometres. Within 20 kilometres before the Bay the temperature drops by about 15° Celsius due to the Atlantic. Arriving in Walvis Bay offered us an impressive picture! Hundreds of flamingos stood along the beach and basked in the sun. Breathtaking, unbelievable – I am really running out of superlatives for this picture!!

Thank God Gavin knows his way around a lot and so we quickly found a bar on a pier where we could have cold drinks for the last 30 km to Swakopmund. When we arrived in Swakopmund, we drove directly to our hotel, the Eberwein Hotel. It really is a nice hotel and if it works, there is even WLAN in the rooms 😀 Now we go to dinner in Kücki’s Bar for dinner and there we will let the evening end. Tomorrow morning we will continue into the desert to “Charly`s Desert Tours”. It should be very impressive – I am curious 😉
See you tomorrow! Sven