Wow, what a night! As I told you before, we slept in the tents of the “Kaliombo Safari Camp” in the middle of nature. An experience that is second to none. In front of our tent was a water hole, which attracts all kinds of animals. I woke up several times tonight because I had heard sounds from this direction. But it wasn’t anxious waking up, but rather a “wow, that’s nice – waking up”! I hope you can understand what I mean! I really can hardly put it into words!
At 07:00 Hans-Dieter picked Sabine, Kathi, Sascha and me up to take us on a tour on his farm. So we climbed onto the loading area of this old Nissan (apparently a vehicle from 100 years ago), whose body already has more than 1,000,000 km behind it and believe me, you can see that! A little rust here, a few dents there, and so on… But somehow the car fits right in there, there is character in it and what this car does is also incredible. Around 07:10, we arrived on a mountain, which was so steep that I would not have liked to drive it up with my 1250 GS, because I would not have dared. The old pick-up didn’t make any effort at all and drove up this extreme gradient as if on rails. At the top we had a spectacular view. From there you can see the whole farm. When the sun finally rose behind the mountains, it became even more impressive. Simply dreamlike beautiful.

Hans-Dieter only said that in the rainy season it is like paradise – for me it was already very close! We went on over his country, where he showed us many special places (e.g. water holes), explained traces to us and explained different plants to us. This man simply has an incredible knowledge. On the way back to the house, we made a special find, as Getrud said: “A jackpot”, namely we found four big mushrooms on a termite hill. Normally no mushrooms grow at this time, but we were lucky. Back at the ranch, the four huge mushrooms were also processed directly into the scrambled eggs – super tasty!!! Unfortunately we had to leave this beautiful place again after breakfast, because we are going to the Etosha National Park today. At the farewell Hans-Dieter said another sentence to us, which fit perfectly to the past 12 hours: “You came to us as guests and now leave us as friends! Hopefully we will see each other again! He is 100% right. If you decide to do such a tour sometime, stop at Hans-Dieter’s and Getrude’s “Kaliombo Farm” which means “place where the ostriches meet”. You won’t regret it for a second!!!

On the way to Etosha today, it was mainly about unwinding kilometres in order to take a little breather. Actually, for this afternoon a bush trip was planned at the Bushmen’s in the park, but unfortunately we couldn’t do that anymore, because we didn’t have the time (especially Sascha and me). On the 370 km to the national park there was not only riding, but we saw today also numerous giraffes, guinea fowls, wild horses as well as donkeys and cattle. A really nice feeling when you meet these animals in the “free wilderness”.


After we rrived in the “Etosha Safari Lodge” the work started for Sascha and me. From 16:00  to 18:00 we could not get away from our laptops. Reiner and Zimpi enjoyed their free time with one or two beers in and around the pool – we were happy for them! Now it’s time for dinner for our group and we will end the evening with the wonderful view from the terrace.
See you tomorrow! Sven

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