Today our “Wüstentümmler-Tour” in Namibia comes to an end. After 12 days in this beautiful country, we go home. But before we went to the plane today, we had to enjoy the sun a bit more.
So, my first stop today was to go to the reception this morning to clarify that we got a “Late Check-Out”, because normally we would have had to leave the room at 11:00.  Since our plane did not take off for Germany until 20:00 and we were picked up at 17:00, in my opinion this was the best solution. Fortunately, the hotel played along and we could stay in our room until our pickup. When that was cleared up, we went towards breakfast, a breakfast as we know it from hotels in Europe – eggs, bacon, countless sausages, etc. It was really very tasty. 😉

Afterwards Sascha and I went back to the room to finish our work, because “first the work, then the pleasure”. 😊

Arriving at the pool, we first noticed that the water was unexpectedly very cold.  The signs saying that the pool is heated with solar energy were probably more a concept than actual. The pool was felt to be cooled rather than heated, which would make sense after a short acclimatization :-D. So we spent the last three hours in Namibia at our pool of the Safari Court Hotel, which was really a relaxing and nice end of the trip (except for the sunburn 😉).

At 17:00 o’clock our driver came and took us to the airport which was about 45 km away. After we arrived there, we all went to the check-in, which was unfortunately not so easy.  The check-in counter always showed different instructions, which caused a little confusion. Well, that and the consequence that Sascha and I had to pay each over 100 € additionally.

After the check-in we went on to the Security and Passport Check, which was a huge joke afterwards… (Sorry, but I have to be honest like that!) First my lighter was taken from me, which was in my trouser pocket, but I also had another lighter in my hand luggage, where there was also a “Leather breath”, which I forgot to put in my big suitcase. The two things were probably no big problem for the security officers and I was allowed to pass. But hey “This is Africa!” 😉

Anyway… Now we’re sitting at the gate waiting for our boarding to start on our flight. We plan to land tomorrow morning (16:05.19) at 06:35 AM in Frankfurt!
I’ll get back to you on Friday! Sven