The WÜSTENTÜMMLER live at the Wunderlich GS-Tag on 22 June 2019

My WÜSTENTÜMMLER journey is now over. But my story, the story of the WÜSTENTÜMMLER goes even further! Now that I’m back, we’ll sift, sort, cut and prepare the photos and videos for you. Let’s see what will become of it. We will definitely update them at That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the WÜSTENTÜMMLER page in the near future. And we plan to present you our WÜSTENTÜMMLER-Tour at the Wunderlich GS-Tag on June 22nd on our open-air ground at Wunderlich in Sinzig. And I cordially invite you to come. Experience the story first hand and take the opportunity to ask me and Sabine Kastner holes in the stomach.

We are looking forward to you!