Hi guys,

my name is Leon Krischer and I am a member of the Wunderlich marketing team. I am in charge (like our Wüstentümmler Sven) of our social media channels, but also of press and public work. I can tell you, with such an interesting and diverse job in such a nice team, you like to go to work! But when I was asked if I would like to join the photo shoot for the season 2021 this year, it was of course an absolute highlight!

There is one thing I can take away in advance and give away: The plan was that we would travel to the French Maritime Alps for the shooting, but in view of the increasing number of infections, this year we were shooting at home in the Eifel. As a company we are firmly rooted in the district of Ahrweiler and very much connected to the Eifel. By the way: the Eifel is a motorcycle paradise! Now you don’t have to guess, why we decided to go to the beautiful Eifel! 😉

First of all: I will not ride a motorcycle during the shooting! I’ll take you behind the scenes, talk to our riders in private and there will certainly be a few funny moments. 😉 Since I was involved in the planning right from the start, I’m accompanying the week at homeland rather organizationally. A Shooting means more than beautiful motorcycles, a rider and a photographer.

Granted: It was only during the planning of the shooting that the thought came up whether it wouldn’t be nice to show you the “Behind the scenes” of such a shooting. That’s where the idea of the blog, road trip diary, my report to you just came from!

… and now it’s time! My first blog and my first photo shooting at Wunderlich.

I would be happy if you accompany my HomeStory!