Hi guys,

this morning we started at a short eight o’clock, just like on Wednesday. First of all we took pictures of our today’s motorcycles R 1250 GS Edition 35 #2, S 1000 XR, S 1000 RR, R 1250 RS in the winding road near to Königsfeld.

When we finished at Königsfeld we went to the eastern border of the Eifel, to the Rhine. At the Brohl harbour we showed the GS and RS directly at the waterfront and afterwards we strengthened ourselves directly on the spot.

From the harbor up to the Brohl valley, after a five-minute ride, we reached a natural spectacle – the sandstone caves. Created by volcanic activity, impressive sandstone formations at the edge of the Eifel. Quite untypical and deliberately in contrast, we shot the double R here off the road. Let me put it this way: look forward to stunning, unbelievable pictures! I would like to quote my colleague Sven (yes, the Wüstentümmler😉), after a look at the camera screen: “Oh man, this is my highlight of the week! I’ll leave it like this. 😉

We then rode to the last location on Thursday, to the wind farm in Rieden. Originally the spot was planned for Wednesday, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. Fortunately, I would almost say so, because we had a very harmonious, beautiful sunset there this evening with the last rays of sunshine.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, even if it will unfortunately already be the last day.