Hi guys

our last day is coming to an end. I am finished, tired and happy. What a amazing shooting!

To be able to take pictures in the morning light again, we started from our base in Ringen at six this morning. After only a good ten minutes ride we were already at the first spot, above the vineyards of Dernau. Completely frozen through, we got very atmospheric pictures in the box. Since our main destination today was the Kesselinger Valley (remember that well, there is almost no nicer route to ride!), and since the sun comes out late, we went back to the headquarters for breakfast.

Well fortified, we made our way to Ramersbach. A nice long curve, awesome bikes and the best photographer played together perfectly and again great driving pics were created. Actually we wanted to go to Café Ahrwind in Ahrbrück for lunch, but shortly after the curve spot in Ramersbach, we had to stop. A large enclosure with alpacas was on the way and we just had to stop. 🙂 After we watched the droll wool donors grazing for a while, we went to Ahrbrück for refreshment.

In Ahrbrück itself we took some detailed pictures of the R 1250 R after the lunch break.
The last driving and shooting shots for this year were taken on the route to Kesseling.

So, all in all, it couldn’t have gone better! We are all really tired, but it was worth it! At this point, once again a big thank you to all the drivers: Sven, Stefan, Felix, Dirk and Elisa, who was with us a a pillion!

Next week we will do the follow-up work, sorting the clothes, etc…

I can tell you: Be curious about the pictures, you are surprised what you can see in Germany!
Thank you, but also to you, for your reading and your positive reactions, that made me very happy!

Many greets,